Sep 202016

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Sep 132016

Fun with botany!

The Poison Garden in Alnwick Castle, Northumberland, England, is famous for being the world’s deadliest garden. Home to around 100 toxic plants – hemlock, laurel hedges, henbane, atropa belladonna, datura, aconitine, to name a few, it’s one of the most beautiful attractions of north England bringing in more than 600,000 visitors annually. The garden is the…

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Jul 152016


Gosh it’s hot.  At least, it’s hot around here in good ol’ western PA.  I hope things are a tad cooler elsewhere.  But, even in the midst of this heat and humidity, vanity marches on!  For example:


I LARP for those who cannot!


OK, you can, but…should you? That’s the question.



Joh-na-than. Joh-na-than! JOH-NA-THAN! (You HAVE seen the orignal ‘Rollerball‘, haven’t you?)


I’d stay and offer more, but I’m just too drained from this heat.  Yeesh.  Still, it beats winter, right Sly?

Jul 052016


Happy belated 4th and summer in general, folks!  I’ve been busy with other things, but vanity, like rust, never sleeps.  So, let’s take a look at how things are shaping up out there:


Here’s a thought: What if all of us *are* awesome? It would explain why we look so average to each other, wouldn’t it?



Momma be wasting $$$ on vanity plates instead of spending it on something nice for her family. For shame!



Well technically you were parked, but let’s not quibble. But this plate begs an important question: Yes, you drive, but do you drive well?


Wow, it must have been the incessant buzzing of insects that comes with summer what put me in this frame of mind.  Now I can’t get this infernal buzzing out of my head.  Well, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, I say:

Jun 292016

Per today’s Daily Prompt.  Here’s to better days for the people of Istanbul.  It’s been a tough year for the people of that city and for Turkey as a whole.  I send them my best:


I don't usually like how I look in pictures. This is a large exception. I was tired enough not to try too hard to pose, if only for one photo.mop

I don’t usually like how I look in pictures. This is a large exception. I was tired enough not to try too hard to pose, if only for one photo.mop

Grand Bazaar Entrance

Abandon all cash ye who enter!

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Jun 172016

King’s County had its own special appeal to him that won out in the end:

Stavros Gianottis

Stavros Gianottis. Stavros loved to hum catchy little jigs and reels. When asked who wrote them, he’d just grin smugly and say “Oh, you’ve probably never heard of them.” He then moved to Brooklyn on his 24th birthday and was never seen in these parts again.



Jun 062016

Passion without purpose
Regret without focus
A need for change
A desire for routine

Funny what happens
When one shakes things up
A change in routine
Sparks confusion

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May 022016

I feel sad, but this is coming from fatigue and job stress as much as anything else.  I must remember this so that I don’t succumb to the temptation to wallow in all this sorrow.  I also have to remember to practice better self-care, by which I mean keep up the exercise and prove my sleep hygiene. 

Ok, enough angst for now.


Apr 062016

Cassius was a fun relative but a terrible neighbor:

Cassius Lump

Cassius had a habit of getting roaring drunk and vociferously quoting Revelation. It was not uncommon to see him with a bottle of Rye in one hand and a King James Bible in the other on Friday and Saturday nights.


His expression of his religiosity was unique to say the least.

Mar 312016

“It all averages out” is one of the most nebulous phrases that I know.  On the surface, it sounds fine, but if you take a deeper look, you begin to see that’s there’s more to things than just the “average.”  Take my neighbor situation, for example.  I live in a townhouse which sits between two others (out of a block of five).  On my left, one of my neighbors practices on his piano sometimes.  I’m not infrequently greeted with soft, dulcet tones as he practices.  I’ll grant that there are times when I can hear his TV through the wall, but that’s generally the bass portion of things and this is infrequent.  The house to my right is a different story.  It’s inhabited by a shouty drunk man.  This guy frequently blares his stereo, loudly scolds his cat, and converses loudly and/or argues with a parade of low-level low-lifers and the occasional paramour.  For example, I was treated to an overheated argument that centered around a lady friend of his not being able to float him $500 right away last Saturday evening.  This eventually ended after what sounded like three iterations of the argument.  Three loud iterations.  The next night a man came by to tell him not to touch his sister while yelling into his house while ol’ Shouty McDrinkPants yelled back out a window.  Good times.



Somewhere between this guy…


…and this guy, things “average out” to about a five. But, the whiplash is Hell, man!

Thus, if you “average” these two neighbors out, you get something approaching calm.  But the reality is that I have to deal with wild swings in my auditory intake.  It “averages out” but that’s not the issue.  The issue is one of variance.  I’d happily trade silence on my left side for a corresponding cessation of drunken yammering on my right.  That sort “averaging out” would result in the general level of quiet being more consistent.  I’d happily trade pleasant piano music for a lot more quiet from a late-stage alcoholic.  In short, you can’t just look at the mean, but the variance as well.  Thus endeth the lesson.