May 172014

I walked downtown to grab a beer the other night when I came across this retro-looking vehicle at Harrisburg’s only know electric vehicle charging station.  I thought maybe it was a new model that had been given a ‘old school’ look as a marketing hook.  Instead, it turned out to be an old 1968 SAAB 96.  It was quite a serendipitous moment.

SAAB Electric Front View 5-15-14

SAAB Electric Side View 2 5-15-14

SAAB Electric Side View 5-15-14

SAAB Electric Rear View update 5-15-14

The URL on the side led me to a site called BH Electrics.  It was there that I discovered that this model had been restored by a Mr. Brandon Hollinger.  There, he outlines the genesis of this project:

Forever changed by the documentary “Who Killed the Electric Car,”    I have accidentally launched myself into the world of electrified transport.  After a period of research and 3 months of building, I am now a proud owner of a reliable electric vehicle that has been functioning, from day one, as my primary vehicle.  My only regret is that I didn’t do this 10 years ago.  Every time I drive this electrified classic I encounter many grins and when they find out the car is electric, the grin doubles in size. 

The SAAB is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg.  I encourage all of you to go check out his site for yourselves!

Side thoughts:

  • At first I thought it was an old Citroen.  The only reason I know about those is because I saw one on a high-school trip to (then) West Germany – I know squat about cars.
  • It would have been a LOT of work to track the (re)maker of this car twenty years ago.  It was a good reminder not to take the World Wide Web for granted.
  • I am starting to think that investing in a good camera might be a good idea.  Maybe a basic photography class would be a good idea, too.
  • Thank you for your kind permission, Brandon Hollinger!

  2 Responses to “Neo-Retro: An Electric 1968 SAAB 96.”

  1. That was a really cool find. Glad you took the time to take some pics and find his website.
    Wish i had the time (and money) to convert my gas guzzling vehicles.

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