Jan 022015

I happened to buy some comics for my nephew, my niece, and two of her friends. I did this during a recent family outing as a way to help them pass the time while we waited for our food. To my delighted surprise, they loved them. That, along with my sister informing me that one my niece’s friends keeps reading her comic over and over again while she’s riding in the car caused me to think (to hope, at least) that this is more than a passing fancy for these kids. All of this got me to searching for a site that could be a good resource for parents looking to find all age comics. Ms. Dallen’s YouTube vlog (video blog) fits the bill perfectly. I hope it’s both enjoyable and informative. Happy New Year!

Apr 172014

First, let me thank the kind folks at the Daily Post for getting this song stuck in my head. Nice going, people. 😛

Today’s Zero to Hero assignment is to edit my title and tag line. Ok, fair enough. Except, I like both just fine, so Yinz’ll have to settle for an explanation instead.

I was originally going to go with just “Making It Up As I Go Along” for a title, but then I noticed that there are many, many, many other blogs with the same title. Since making oneself distinct enough to stand out in a crowd, or at least be distinct enough to show up near the top of a search engine’s results, is a must, I had to make a change. To do this, I amended the title to “Making It Up As I Go Along – Trying To Think It Through.” In terms of substance, it reflects my approach to blogging. I’m new to this, and while I’ve read that having a distinct ‘voice’ (‘brand?’) is key to building a large following, I can’t do that just yet. I can’t do that because I don’t know what my ‘voice’ is and will have to figure it out as I keep learning and posting, hence the title. I’m curious about everything and want to learn a little about a lot, and then learn to focus on a few things that hold me interest. (It’s no accident that I always want to play a Bard when I play D&D.)

As for the tagline, well, it speaks for itself. It could be seen as something of a cop-out, but I don’t see the need to over-explain the title. Besides, I’m all out of bon mots.