Aug 212014

Today’s Daily Post asks “But what is it about a scene, a place, or a moment that makes us reach for our cameras and snap an image?” It wants to know “…what is it about a scene, a place, or a moment that makes us reach for our cameras and snap an image?”

For some, I’m sure it’s the beauty and wonder of nature. For others, an attempt to catch a moment of affection or quiet dignity is what drives them to snap way. Others still look to moments of high energy (e.g. runners in a 100 meter dash) or drama (e.g. anything that made the news in this God-awful month). Me, I look for vanity plates. I guess I’m kinda shallow that way.


In my defense, I have a few good reasons for doing this:

  1. It’s free.
  2. It’s a pretty benign hobby that keeps my brain occupied.
  3. They’re funny.  Well, they’re funny to me at least.
  4. It gives me a recurring feature for my blog.


Here’s my all-time favorite example.  This is the one that started it all:


Ansel Adams I ain’t, but come on!  Who wouldn’t want a memento of something like that?

If you’re curious, check out some of my other vanity plate pictures, starting here.


Apr 282014

I run. I run for a lot of reasons. I run because I needed something to do when I moved to Harrisburg back at the beginning of 2008. I run for health reasons both physical (e.g. blood sugar, weight maintenance) and mental (e.g. battling depression). I run because it helps me to manage my time. I run because it gives me a focus.  I run because it’s a fun hobby.  All of those reasons are great, but they aren’t the real reason why I run.  The real why reason I run is because I’m chasing a high.

I can remember it clearly (as one does when looking through a glass darkly): it was a summer morning in 1997. I was out for a PT (Physical Training) run with members of my company in Fort Drum, New York when I felt “IT.”  We were rolling along at a 7:00-minute-per mile pace.  I was upright, running with a full kick, and not feeling a single ache or pain.  I felt like I was only getting started, like I had just scratched the surface of my full potential, like I was just getting started.  I felt as if I had tapped into something primal and wanted to feel that way forever.  I felt alive.  Ever since then, I’ve been trying to get back to that place.  And that is why I run.