Dec 272014

Ho Ho Ho, Yinz!  Or however you wish to say for what holiday you may or may not be celebrating.  It..oh Hell, Happy New Years!  OK?!  That’s what yinz’re gettin’!  At any rate, even thought the year is ending, the cavalcade of vanity plates is still chugging along.  Consider this a bit of constancy in a season of change.


Yes, this person is a Yankees fan.

If the owner of this plate were born in the NYC metro area and/or had a close family member with whom s/he bonded over the Yankees, then yes. Otherwise, fuggedaboutit.


There's an X, then a not-O.

Y’know, all I can think of is a salacious parody song lampooning a sorority that I heard in a college all those years ago. I hope this is something else. I’ll start wishing in one hand.



I got nothin’. Is this a ham radio handle? That’s my best guess, and admittedly not a very good one. Help?



And with that bit o’ confusion, I bid yinz adieu.  May the coming year be filled with groovy stuff and folks plenty sweet and not the slightest bit gruff!  (Trying my hand at rhyming here.  Bye for now!)

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