Jan 142015

Ah, January.  It’s just a crap month.  The holidays are over but the weight remains.  College football ends but bloviating sportscasters still drone on.  And your annoying coworkers/family members/neighbors, don’t have the decency to just, y’know, go away.  So, it’s up to us to make our own fun and just get through this kidney stone of a month.  Let’s look at some vanity plates, shall we?


I thought maybe this was a surname, so I looked it up on the Google. Nothin’. Nothin’ fits this word. Therefore, it doesn’t exist. Crap, this really is January.




Is this a play on #YOLO? “You only Moo once?”  That’s kinda fitting for the ag show, I guess, but beyond that, um, oh Hell, I don’t know. Stupid January.




The first Siamo was pretty good, but the sequels have complete wastes. No, wait, that was Taken. I was thinking of Taken. Crap. It’s this month man, it’s this January. It’s messin’ with me. It’s messin’ with me bad.


Sigh Just gotta slog through it all, I guess.  Just gotta hang on until February.  Then I can get drunk and lament the state of my love life.  So much to look forward to.  Until then there’s ennui, I guess.  😉




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