Jan 292015

Well, that was anticlimactic here in PA.  Apparently the snow ain’t gonna git us after all.  Nope, instead we just get more of the usual dreariness.  But take heart!  January is almost over!  Now all we have to do is make it through…February.  Ech.  Ok, ok, one month at a time.  Deep breaths.  Deeeeep breaths.  Let’s look at some vanity plates to keep our spirits up:



Oh, and, the Ravens? Really? Really?!?

Captain of the Shut-Ins! You DO know about the term’s nasty connotation in Japanese, right?
Maybe there’s some kinda ironic, geeky ownership of the word going on here. It could be that this is a really clever reappropriation of a pejorative term. Or it could be a moment of breathless cluelessness. I hope for the former but kinda expect the latter.


First teh gays, then teh googies, and now the cars.

So, you paid good money to go on Match.com and you wound up finding out that your soul mate is a car? Good Lord, Rick Santorum was on to something, wasn’t he?!


Thanks for the vine, Jim!

“The golf course looks good, my swing feels good, I like my chances.” – Eldric “Tiger” Woods by way of Jim Rome.


Oh yeah, happy Super Bowl, everybody.  Well, everybody except for the New England Patriots.  Boo them.



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