Feb 112015

The good news is that January’s over.  The bad news is the February isn’t.  And with it has come another Patriots Super Bowl victory (thus disproving the existence of a just God), Jon Stewart’s stepping down from The Daily Show, and the soul-corroding exercise in futility that is Valentine’s Day is looming.  But, hey, a lot of people get President’s Day off, so there’s that.  There’s also more vanity plates, so, we there’s that, too.  Let’s take a look:


Somehow I don’t think your boo-boos end at one. Call it a hunch.



1-SKIPPY? No, I think you mean 1-JIF. EPIC FAIL.




Y’know, I wanted to say something snide, but I love Star Wars too damn much. I also love the look of the new crossguard lightsaber, so, feel free to nerd rage away about that if you want.



So, yeah, good luck slogging through this month.  I’m gonna go hide under some blankets and wait for it to warm up again, by which I mean when we get into the 40s consistently again.  ‘Til next time.



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