Mar 022015

Welp, March has decided to roll in rather ferociously.  It’s It’s cold, but the weather ’round these parts is promising to improve.  At least that’s what the weather folk are saying, so, one should take that prognostication with a grain of salt.  Still, I will take any hopeful message that I can get.  Speaking of hope, I hope that the following vanity plates provide yinz with a little entertainment:


Roman Numerals?  Mebbe this is some kinda Da Vinci code thing?  At least, that’s what I was hoping for.  But, no.  It’s a Ham Radio vanity plate.  Stupid internet, ya crushed my dreams!



Very bold, picking such an unlucky number. If nothing else, it’s fine way of scaring off triskaidekaphobic stalkers.



“Yeah, there was no way I was gonna let that smelly old Nazarene and his knocked-up child bride stay in my inn. After all, it’s MY place; I can keep out anyone that I want. That’s the point of private property after all. I don’t want that kind of trash bringing down my place’s brand. Still, charging ’em to let her deliver in the manger was a nice touch. Go me!” – An excerpt from “Ayn Rand’s New Testament.”


Maybe the snow and ice will someday.  Maybe.  In the meantime, we’ve still got vanity plates.  And (Ham) Radio Ga Ga:

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