May 092015

Tra la! It’s May! The lusty month of May! That lovely month when everyone goes Blissfully astray! I can’t adequately express how deliriously beautiful this month has been so far. After a dreary, seemingly never-ending winter, this is so refreshing. But the march of vanity is still with us. And that sense of continuity is what buoyed me through the dark months of winter and what now keeps me aware that the bitter and sweet and connected, man. It’s deep that way.  That, or I’m just easily distracted by shiny metal objects during any time of the year. I’m guessing the latter – call it a hunch. But anyway, on to the fun!

A jaunty interlude!

Your absence is hilarious because…??? There’s a gap in your storytelling here.

Don't forget to stretch before and after you do.

Yes, Toto should run. We should all run. Running is a good and beautiful that everyone should do. So, yes, run Toto, run.

Jack Welch is appalled.

GE Rest? I don’t their shareholders would approve of such lassitude. Cutting back on production usually only benefits those dealing in commodities, not finished products.

Ok, yinz got what yinz wanted. Now go outside and enjoy this beautiful weather, that’s what it’s there for. Julie Andrews says so:

May, it’s all about the feels and the sexytimes.

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