May 302015

June looms. It’s getting warm and the ghost of winter is long gone.  People are out and about, stripping away clothes and banishing doubt.  We are learning to live again, man.  In the moment and all of that jazz, y’know?  Alas, though, part of living is occasionally embracing folly.  And what can one classify as folly?  Yup, vanity.  Let’s take a gander.

Many pompadours, too, no doubt.

It’s the hippest library in the world. Lots of people with beards and Warby Parkers reading Rimbaud in the vernacular. You’ve probably never heard of it.

Steele Reserve?

Are Steele what? Don’t leave us hangin’ mid-question, my friend. We are dying to know what’s on your mind. C’mon, help a blogger out, won’t you?

Gen X SNL reference FTW.

Paws free? Do you think that’s wise? You don’t even have opposable thumbs and you’re rollin’ around in a car. You…OH, GOD, IT’S YOU, ISN’T IT TOONCES?!


Heh.  Toonces.  That one takes me back a ways.  Here’s a little late 80s SNL nostalgia for yinz:


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