Jul 202015

Yeesh, but it’s soupy and goopy out there. But you don’t need me tell you that. You already know. I suspect that you also already know that even in this stultifying heat, vanity moves with a savoir faire that cannot be deterred by the elements. Ah yes, this oh-so-human shortcoming is indeed weather-proof. Perhaps this, and not the magic number that is 42, is the answer? Nnnaaahhh. Still, we need something to take our minds of this beastly heat. And so, vanity!:




Anytime! No charge for the lesson.



Tow-may-ta, tow-mah-ta, imbecile, nitwit, you know how it goes.





Again, I’m leery of sequels. And Manic Pixie Dream Girls aren’t real anyway. Not like we think, anyway


Welp, that wraps this installment up.  Just remember to practice gratitude like how our dolphin buddies soon will:


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