Dec 032015

Happy [Winter Solstice Celebration of Choice Here].  Or however you spell celebrations that are aimed at distracting us from just how truly awful winter and its short, dreary days really is.  Making fun of things can help with that, too.  So can music.  And when we can combine music and mockery, well, ain’t that just solid gold my babies?  Let’s take a look:


Yup, there’s only one Elvis.  And he’s dead.  You do know that, right? Right?!?  Actually, don’t answer that.  It’s better for all us that way.



I wasn’t being nasty, Ms. Jackson, I am for real!!!



This is shorthand for “Parrot Head” which is itself shorthand for “I am a functional alcoholic.”



Hey, speaking of music and dysfunction, here’s the best Christmas carol ever:

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