Jan 302016

Willkommen!  I know that Volkswagen has had a (well-deserved) image problem as of late, but I still can’t help have a soft spot for the “People’s Car.”  I grew up in a Volkswagen family, and while their reputation for Teutonic Kraft has always been a bit overrated (the local Volkswagen specialty shop’s owner would practically hug my late father whenever he came in), I still have an irrational, unshakeable fondness for the things.  And apparently, I’m not alone in my affection:


I enjoy a nice, relaxing drive in a vehicle, too. But, I wouldn’t go so far as implying that rolling around in a VW is like being back in the Mommy Place.



Short and to the point, sir/madam. Well done. Brevity is the soul of wit and you have made you case brilliantly.



So nice you had to say it twice, ja? Ich verstehe.

So, enjoy these photos, forget your troubles for a while, and…Willkommen!:


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