Jun 182014

Seven weeks in and it’s rolling along.  I’m starting to wonder.  Maybe there’s no grand conspiracy after all.  Maybe this area just has an abnormally high and wholly unjustified high regard for itself.  That might be what leads to all of these plates surfacing around here.  Or maybe that’s what “They” want me to think.  Hmmmm…

At any rate, here’s some more automotive tributes to one’s own self.

The parodic lyrics are covered by the Fair Use Doctrine.  I think, I hope.

Jeepers!, Creepers!, where’d you get that silly plate? Oh, yeah, that’s right, you paid for it. Derp.

I got nothin'.

Short for Miss Beverly, perhaps. Srsly, some of these plates are head scratchers.

Is there a Joe Piscopo-referencing plate out there somewhere?

I’m Mumbi, damnit!  Ah, yes, there’s nothing like a 30+ year-old SNL/Eddie Murphy reference. That, or this is someone from Mumbai, perhaps.

And the band played on.


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