May 142014

Day 28 of WordPress’ Zero to Hero guide suggests creating a recurring feature for our blogs.  The idea is to create a consistent bit o’ content that will attract viewers.  Ok, fair enough.  BUT, I do reserve the right to feature something of my choice.  And that choice concerns a serious issue facing my corner of the world:  the Harrisburg area’s ongoing addiction to vanity plates.  I am horrifies but also morbidly fascinated.  Take a look:

It's in the cards, yo.

I dunno. If you gotta say it…


If it’s so obvious, then…then…oh, to Hell with it.

Ha ha, innuendo!

To be fair, the faded typing on the frame was about rafting. Still, really?!?

Where, oh where, will it end?

  3 Responses to “Recurring Feature: Harrisburg’s Ongoing Vanity Plate Issue”

  1. This is hilarious! It makes me miss living in PA even more.

  2. […] 100 meter dash) or drama (e.g. anything that made the news in this God-awful month). Me, I look for vanity plates. I guess I’m kinda shallow that […]

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