May 092014

Per today’s Daily Prompt, my favorite daily ritual is also a fairly unhealthy one.  I enjoy a half-pint of 1% fat milk along with two cinnamon and brown-sugar flavored Pop Tarts.  Delicious, flaky, fattening crack that feeds my sugar addiction.  It’s my little guilty pleasure.  Hooray for comfort food!

 Damn you, Kellogg's.  Bless you, Kellogg's.

Nom Nom Nom

Apr 282014

I run. I run for a lot of reasons. I run because I needed something to do when I moved to Harrisburg back at the beginning of 2008. I run for health reasons both physical (e.g. blood sugar, weight maintenance) and mental (e.g. battling depression). I run because it helps me to manage my time. I run because it gives me a focus.  I run because it’s a fun hobby.  All of those reasons are great, but they aren’t the real reason why I run.  The real why reason I run is because I’m chasing a high.

I can remember it clearly (as one does when looking through a glass darkly): it was a summer morning in 1997. I was out for a PT (Physical Training) run with members of my company in Fort Drum, New York when I felt “IT.”  We were rolling along at a 7:00-minute-per mile pace.  I was upright, running with a full kick, and not feeling a single ache or pain.  I felt like I was only getting started, like I had just scratched the surface of my full potential, like I was just getting started.  I felt as if I had tapped into something primal and wanted to feel that way forever.  I felt alive.  Ever since then, I’ve been trying to get back to that place.  And that is why I run.