Aug 212014

Today’s Daily Post asks “But what is it about a scene, a place, or a moment that makes us reach for our cameras and snap an image?” It wants to know “…what is it about a scene, a place, or a moment that makes us reach for our cameras and snap an image?”

For some, I’m sure it’s the beauty and wonder of nature. For others, an attempt to catch a moment of affection or quiet dignity is what drives them to snap way. Others still look to moments of high energy (e.g. runners in a 100 meter dash) or drama (e.g. anything that made the news in this God-awful month). Me, I look for vanity plates. I guess I’m kinda shallow that way.


In my defense, I have a few good reasons for doing this:

  1. It’s free.
  2. It’s a pretty benign hobby that keeps my brain occupied.
  3. They’re funny.  Well, they’re funny to me at least.
  4. It gives me a recurring feature for my blog.


Here’s my all-time favorite example.  This is the one that started it all:


Ansel Adams I ain’t, but come on!  Who wouldn’t want a memento of something like that?

If you’re curious, check out some of my other vanity plate pictures, starting here.


Jul 182014

My buddy Steve’s peanut portfolio keeps on growing.  Again, I’m biased as he is an old friend, but these things are amazing!  Also, feel free to catch up on the rest of his legume legacy at


Jimi James sans Blue Flames

Jimi Hendrix as peanut art, again. This time, it’s him at Monterey Pop.

Jun 252014

So, here are a few video clips of Lucinda Williams playing at the Three Rivers Arts Fest that I took using my phone.  Again, like my picture, they’re very basic, but I hope they can give yinz an adequate idea of what the show was like.

I admit that I don’t know a lot her songs, but this one I do know.  I thought she did a pretty nice job with it.  If only her whole set had been as solid.

Sadly, “Drunken Angel” seemed to be more typical of her performance.  She seemed to be straining to get to some of the higher notes.  At 61, I’m afraid that’s she lost some of her vocal range.  It’s sad but it happens.  That, and she also sounded warbly, as in, a smidge tipsy.  But that’s just a hunch.

 These girls are:

  1. Dancing ironically to Lucinda Williams
  2. Really, really into her.
  3. Drunk.
  4. 1&3
  5. 2&3

I’m not 100% sure, but I’d wager that the answer involves alcohol.  Call it a hunch.