Aug 072014

One of the many virtues of the Midtown Scholar is that you never quite know what you’re going to stumble across.  How could anyone not pick this up?  It’s the history of a pop culture icon who we all loved as kids, even if the gum was made out of some kind of rock-like substance.  It’s even got some trading cards in the back!  Rock!


Insert Wacky Punch Line Here

If this doesn’t scream “Impulse Buy” I don’t what does!

Jul 172014

So the Daily Post asks us about a certain particular smell or smells and the memories they can trigger.

For me, that smell is the smell of old books.  Both of my parents, God rest their souls, were avid readers, so we always had books around the house.  And, my mother was also the librarian at my high school.  I guess over time I’ve come to associate the smell of old books with home and family.  That, or I just like the smell.

This is probably one of the reasons I like hanging out at the Midtown Scholar so much.  The smell makes it feel homey.

And now, some science.  Read below:


I was right all these years, even when the occasional Philistine would look at me as if were the crazy one for asking him (it has almost always been another guy) if he liked the smell of old books too.  Yay me!

Jun 112014

Today’s Writing 101 challenges us to write about our observation of a public place without adverbs.  Let me see what I can do.

I went to the Midtown Scholar, a bookstore and coffee shop, after work.  Sometimes I browse the stacks to see if there’s anything of interest to me.  But most of the time I sit at the bar, drink coffee, and chat with the other regular customers and the baristas.  It’s my ritual and I go there almost every day; I enjoy the coffee and the company.

Today, I got dressed for 5K race and went over to grab some caffeine before it took place.  I had time and ritual is ritual and obeying its rhythms brings comfort.  It was quiet.  There were few customers and then one of the two baristas went on break to talk with a girl I assume is his girl-friend.  I sipped my coffee, bantered with the remaining barista, and watched the other customers come and go.  I ordered two refills, and then left to go to my race.

In short, there was nothing new, except for this one thing.  As I turned to glance out the store window and onto the street, I noticed a basket filled with books that were to be refiled.  And out of the tens of thousands of books the store contained, I saw this one:

ADVERBS - The Novel

I think this means:

  1. I have circumvented the rules of this assignment without breaking them, so, yay me!
  2. This has created a paradox that now allows this post to exist in a Schrödinger’s Cat quantum state.  This post now occupies all possible points at all possible times.  It’s a miracle that could lead to omniscience.
  3. I have created a paradox that has torn a small hole in the space-time continuum.  We are now doomed, and it’s my fault, so, boo me!

I’ll let you, the readers, decide.