Aug 312015

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Decisions, Decisions.”

So, I try to portray myself to myself as a rational adult who makes rational decisions with great deliberation.  I tell myself a lot of things.  The truth is that if it’s a fairly big decision, I’ll cross a mental and emotional Rubicon and then that is usually that.  I try to think an important decision through, but more often than not it’s my way of figuring out how I can justify the time, and more importantly to a grownup like me, and money such a decision will cost me.  This isn’t to say I’m reckless, but there are some big decisions that just click no matter how much I try to hold off.  Hell, that’s how I wound up running the Istanbul Marathon!  So, it’s not all bad.  It’s not cheap, either, but, what good does it do me to be a miser?  Life’s too damned short.  (Famous Last Words?)