Dec 292014

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge focuses on the theme of “Warmth.”  It’s with that in mind that I present to you the warmest spot I found in 2014:


Now that's a fire!

You wanted warmth, now you have it. Be careful what you wish for!


Is this literal enough for ya?

Last October I was stranded in Pittsburgh on a Sunday (and then a Monday) due to my car having mechanical difficulties.  I thought I had it bad until later in the day.  It was at that point that I rounded the corner in the city’s Shadyside neighborhood and saw this burning hunk.  Actually, I smelled the stench of an electrical fire and saw the smoke before I rounded the corner, but I still had NO idea that it was going to be that bad.  I ducked inside to a local pizzeria right by the scene of the accident and watched as police and fire units responded to the incident.  The tires melted before the fire was put out.  The good news is that the driver was AWOL and presumably unhurt.

The lesson I took from the incident is that it could always be worse.  My car had a busted coolant hose, but at least it didn’t catch fire!  That’s less warmth than cold comfort, but I’ll take it.  After all, what choice did I have?

Jul 182014

My buddy Steve’s peanut portfolio keeps on growing.  Again, I’m biased as he is an old friend, but these things are amazing!  Also, feel free to catch up on the rest of his legume legacy at


Jimi James sans Blue Flames

Jimi Hendrix as peanut art, again. This time, it’s him at Monterey Pop.