Jun 172016

King’s County had its own special appeal to him that won out in the end:

Stavros Gianottis

Stavros Gianottis. Stavros loved to hum catchy little jigs and reels. When asked who wrote them, he’d just grin smugly and say “Oh, you’ve probably never heard of them.” He then moved to Brooklyn on his 24th birthday and was never seen in these parts again.



Apr 062016

Cassius was a fun relative but a terrible neighbor:

Cassius Lump

Cassius had a habit of getting roaring drunk and vociferously quoting Revelation. It was not uncommon to see him with a bottle of Rye in one hand and a King James Bible in the other on Friday and Saturday nights.


His expression of his religiosity was unique to say the least.

Mar 292016

Ol’ Percy was ahead of his time in his own way:


Pretty Percy Feldspar

“Pretty” Percival Feldspar made all the girls in town swoon. But he did not return any of their affections. How could he when they didn’t even know who Oscar Wilde was much less what he stood for?


Mar 052016

Electricity done got the better of old Ezekiel Hardmeat:


After being struck by lightning, old ‘Zeke insisted the next family photo shoot be handled with the utmost solemnity as he thought it was his funeral. He thought this way for the next 50 years.

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