Jan 022015

I happened to buy some comics for my nephew, my niece, and two of her friends. I did this during a recent family outing as a way to help them pass the time while we waited for our food. To my delighted surprise, they loved them. That, along with my sister informing me that one my niece’s friends keeps reading her comic over and over again while she’s riding in the car caused me to think (to hope, at least) that this is more than a passing fancy for these kids. All of this got me to searching for a site that could be a good resource for parents looking to find all age comics. Ms. Dallen’s YouTube vlog (video blog) fits the bill perfectly. I hope it’s both enjoyable and informative. Happy New Year!

Dec 122014

History Nerd goodness: A time capsule believed to be left by Paul Revere and Sam Adams in 1795 is unearthed at the Massachusetts Capitol building. Pretty cool: