Nov 132014

Sometimes, there’s a pattern to these here vanity plates.  This week, we see a melodic theme emerge.  Check it out.


Best GaGa? I’d have to say Poker Face, but Edge of Glory isn’t too bad, either.


That’s MISTER Dazz to you! Let it Whip, baby!


Billy, Dusty, and Frank want you to give them all your lovin’ ladies.

See yinz later!

Nov 062014

Ah fall, how I love you! There’s a crispness in the air, football season is in full flight, and the leaves turn vibrant colors. It’s a beautiful time of year in Pennsylvania. Sadly, it fades, though, and winter casts its long shadow over the land for several month. Decay is inevitable. It’s part of life. Things fall apart. But vanity plates still abound.


1 K = 1000. Ok. 1000 Price. 1000 Price of what? What’s the unit of currency we’re talking about here? Gold ingots? The Euro? The Loonie?


So, IS E-SAL condemned to live in Harrisburg for plotting to harm J-COB? Does that mean…, OMG, IS HARRISBURG THE ISLAND?


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Duquesne University vanity plate before.  Pretty cool.

Will the center hold?  Only time will tell.

Oct 282014

Everyone’s favorite Pittsburgh band, The Clarks, performing Penny On The Floor at the Abbey Bar earlier this month:

Oct 152014

The baseball playoffs are here, wrapping up that season, and the NFL and college football are in full swing.  But that will come end soon, too.  But do you know what never goes out of season?  Vanity plates.  But you knew this.  Let’s see what’s shakin’.


Three up, three down, Oriels fan? Not this year. Not with the way Mike Moustakas is playing.


Meets great guy. He’s allergic.


Apparently Mr. Shakur really is alive. And now he’s hiding in plain sight by living here in SC PA. Well played, sir.

Oct 082014

Oh yeah, legally able to imbibe at last!  Well, metaphorically speaking anyway.  Still, it sounds like as good a reason as any to pop out at some point in the near future and grab a beer (or two).  Of course, I won’t be driving if I do, but I don’t think that’ll be a problem.  Vanity goes where it will, and all I have to do is rely on the law of averages to help me out.  I don’t anticipate any problem on that end, which is good.  I got enough hassles as it is.  But I digress; let’s examine this week’s entrants!

Vanity Plates

Constance, as in steadfast and not constipated, as in, stuck. This is a very subtle, but important distinction.

Vanity Plates

I just imagine this person claps and utters high-pitched cheers of support a lot. I also imagine this not a car you wanna jack as there are likely plenty o’ metal bats with arms reach of its driver. Call it a hunch.

Vanity Plates

Oh my God, I loved those guys back in the 80s! They were so epically metal! They just got after it and…oh, wait, that was Queensrÿche. Never mind.

Oh yeah, vanity plates are out there in droves.  Droves, I say!  I’d tell Yinz that I’m enjoying the fat times before the great famine comes, but I don’t think that’s gonna be the case.

May 172014