Jul 072015

First all, let me just say – USA!  USA!  USA!  I proclaim this not just because of our celebration of our own awesomeness, but also because the U.S. Women’s National Team just won its first Women’s World Cup since 1999.  Well done!

Their grit and determination were inspiring, and weirdly enough, so is this region’s almost infinite self-regard.  And just as the U.S.A.’s women brought that moxie to the pitch, our locals bring their vanity to their cars.  ‘Tis a truly remarkable place that way.




All that comes to mind is Peyton Manning calling an audible for some reason. Do you think this season will be his last?


Oh, hey, I remember ROM! It was a crappy toy but the comic evolved into a decent book. I enjoyed it, but not as much you do, apparently. I’m gonna have to go back to the interwebs and find out what was so special about it. I’d catch up on the issue itself, but licensing, y’know?


Ah, yes, I remember these guys. They were an ‘N SYNC tribute group. I always wondered why I never wondered what happened to them.



Yup.  That’s how we do here in the South Central of PA.  And this is how we do nationwide: