Apr 302014

From today’s Daily Prompt, we get:

Ring of Fire Do you love hot and spicy foods or do you avoid them for fear of what tomorrow might bring?

See what I did here?

It’s funny ‘cuz it’s exaggerated.

I actually just had Indian food last night, so I don’t mind some spice – up to a point.  BUT, a few years ago, a local Thai restaurant asked me if I want my food “spicy” or “Thai spicy.”  I choose the latter.  Foolishly.  My tongue burned with every bite and I was practically shaking.  I think it was even worse when I went back and attempted to conquer the leftovers the next day.  I seem to remember my stomach and intestines filing a restraining order against me after that, too.  So, again, I like spicy food, but only up to a certain level.  All things in moderation, yes?



  7 Responses to “Zero to Hero, Day 16 – Do you like spicy food, or do you prefer something tamer?”

  1. [ Laughs ] Something tamer any day!

  2. Like I said, Mr. Moreau, all things in moderation!

  3. I like how much work you’ve put into your blog…I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award: http://magoo45.wordpress.com/2014/05/01/leapin-liebsters/#more-561

    Keep on writing!

  4. I went to India 2 years ago and ate plain rice for 3 weeks. All the food was too spicy for me. However ever once in a while I’ll get a craving for some spicy food, but I usually go with Mexican.

  5. Totally agree. I love spice; but I soon found out that my tolerance isn’t as high as I thought when I dove into some Indian food with a spice level of 7. Seems like we both had restraining orders against us 😉

  6. Cute post from the prompt. 🙂

  7. I also love spicy foods but I can only take it to a certain level of spiciness. We’re applying the same rules when it comes to eating spicy food. 🙂

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