Apr 172014

First, let me thank the kind folks at the Daily Post for getting this song stuck in my head. Nice going, people. 😛

Today’s Zero to Hero assignment is to edit my title and tag line. Ok, fair enough. Except, I like both just fine, so Yinz’ll have to settle for an explanation instead.

I was originally going to go with just “Making It Up As I Go Along” for a title, but then I noticed that there are many, many, many other blogs with the same title. Since making oneself distinct enough to stand out in a crowd, or at least be distinct enough to show up near the top of a search engine’s results, is a must, I had to make a change. To do this, I amended the title to “Making It Up As I Go Along – Trying To Think It Through.” In terms of substance, it reflects my approach to blogging. I’m new to this, and while I’ve read that having a distinct ‘voice’ (‘brand?’) is key to building a large following, I can’t do that just yet. I can’t do that because I don’t know what my ‘voice’ is and will have to figure it out as I keep learning and posting, hence the title. I’m curious about everything and want to learn a little about a lot, and then learn to focus on a few things that hold me interest. (It’s no accident that I always want to play a Bard when I play D&D.)

As for the tagline, well, it speaks for itself. It could be seen as something of a cop-out, but I don’t see the need to over-explain the title. Besides, I’m all out of bon mots.

  11 Responses to “Zero to Hero, Day 2 – Say Your Name.”

  1. Yes man, love your title. I’m surprised you said Making It Up As I Go was common, because I’ve never seen it anywhere before and thought it was a smart name when I started reading your blog, But yes, that extension really gives a different feel to it that smartly syncs with the theme you’re using, so that’s great branding right there imo 🙂

    Take care!

  2. so many ways of saying the same thing….guess u more or less echoed a bit of what i wrote in my post….thanks for the follow…and i do hope this platform helps you achieve whatever it is that you’ve set your sight upon…hope to read more from you….

    • I saw your title and thought the same thing. Here’s hoping that this is a case of great minds thinking alike. Well, your mind might be great. I’ll settle for slightly above-average at this point, lol.

  3. There’s an entry for yinz? I love the internet

  4. You could’ve also considered “flying by the seat of my pants,” but I guess that probably gets in the way of “way too long a title,” eh? 😉

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